October 2016

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October at
St. Isidore's
  October 2016
Dear Friend of St. Isidore's,  
The leaves are changing and their is a hint of Fall in the air.  One of my favorite things about living in the 'heartland' is the changing of the seasons.  However, all of us here at St. Isidore's are blessed to count on one thing that never changes, the out pouring love and support that each of you share with us.  Please enjoy reading about a few of the things that have been keeping us busy here this past month.

Kimberly Fund
Stewardship Director
K of C Chili Feed
Several times a year, the Knights of Columbus host a breakfast to raise money for a variety of good causes.  This year, the Knights decided to also host a chili feed.  The Knights prepared 5 different styles of chili for individuals to choose from.  The chili feed was a great success with about 40 people in attendance.  They are looking forward to hosting another chili feed again next year.
Grand Knight Ronnie Sullivan reflected, "The Chili Feast was a refreshing opportunity to enjoy the essence of Fall among the St. Isidore's community! About 6 Knights cooked their own chili and competed for bragging rights as to whose was the most popular. I'm not sure who won, but they all tasted great! We appreciate everyone who attended for supporting the Knights of Columbus as we seek to serve our community."
Pathways retreatants 
For many, the annual Pathways retreat is a time for personal and spiritual growth, and this year was no different.  "The Pathways Retreat was a great way for me to strengthen existing friendships, as well as make many new ones. It made me realize how lucky I am to have so many people around me who truly love and care about me. The retreat was a great way to take a step back from life, and just enjoy the presence of Christ that is in all of us" explained Elise Gallant, a sophomore in Secondary Education and Mathematics from Wichita, KS.
The retreat has a lasting impact on the retreatants and leaders alike.  Jeffrey Albers, a graduate student in weed science from Oakley, KS shared, "My favorite part about helping with the Pathways Retreat was how everything came together in the end.  With a large retreat there are often many things that can 'go wrong' or things you plan for but just don't know how they will work out!  Being part of the retreat and seeing the way everything just seemed to work out really elevates our minds and hearts to God; because there is no way that all the good beautiful work done in so many hearts is accomplished without the loving, guiding hand of our Lord."
Bishop Weisenburger

Throughout the school year, St. Isidore's has arranged for several Kansas Bishops to come for a weekend Mass with a reception to follow.  We are very excited that many of the Bishops were able to accept our invitation.  The first Bishop to visit was Bishop Weisenburger from the Salina Diocese. This is a great opportunity for the students to meet several Bishops, as well as a chance for the Bishops to meet many of our students and see the active community of students from their diocese here at St. Isidore's.  
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K of C Chili Feed
Bishop Weisenburger
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