September 2016

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September at
St. Isidore's
  September 2016
Dear Friend of St. Isidore's,  
With the start of weekly 24 hour adoration, bible studies, a class on happiness, retreat planning meetings, RCIA, men's group, women's group, Source & Summit, Dollar Dinners and much, much more, it is ever apparent that the semester is well under way, and the students are filling their hearts and schedules with all things Izzy's.  It is a blessing to have the lights on from dawn until much past dusk nearly every evening; and to have so many of our parents and alumni visit and help fill our chapel making our 'overflow' spaces turn into 'standing room only' on home football game weekends.  As one recent graduate shared when he was back for the first home game of the season, "I was once told that home is where your wi-fi connects.  It is true, when I walked back in the doors of St. Isidore's, I felt at home, looked at my phone, and my wi-fi was connected."  Please be sure to come home to St. Isidore's and stop by for a visit if you are in the area.

Kimberly Fund
Stewardship Director
Haden Botkin journaling during class
September marked the start of a memorable faith journey for the 26 candidates and catechumens who are going through this year's RCIA here at St. Isidore's.  Once a week for 90 minutes these individuals, along with their sponsors and the RCIA team members, will meet and listen to lectures, watch videos and have discussions to assist them in the process of becoming a full member of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil Mass. 

This is Maria Leiker's first year as the coordinator of St. Isidore's RCIA program.  "I am looking forward to embarking on this journey with everyone involved in the RCIA process as we grow in faith and learn more about the Catholic Church" reflected Maria.  Maria, Fr. Mike, Fr. Bob and a few guest speakers will be giving lectures throughout the course in conjunction with materials from the Symbolon series which are provided on the FORMED website.
Haden Botkin, a sophomore in Secondary Education went through the RCIA program last year and is now returning as a sponsor for an individual looking to further their knowledge of the Catholic faith.  Haden shared, "The RCIA journey is an important stepping stone to reach where God is calling us, and that is the Body of Christ. Whether you're just discerning becoming Catholic, or you're a Catholic that's fallen away from the faith, or you're a cradle Catholic that simply wants to learn more, there's a place for all of us in RCIA. As our Lord tells us time and time again in scripture: be not afraid."
Please keep the RCIA Catechumens, Candidates, Sponsors, Team and all involved in your prayers as they open their hearts to God's word and will for them.  
Dollar Dinner
Pictured L to R: Brandon Fisher, AJ Haney, Steve Stockman and Joseph Neville
Once a month, the St. Isidore's Student Leadership team hosts a Dollar Dinner on Sunday evening after the 4:30 Mass.  As the name suggests, it is requested that students give a donation of just one dollar for dinner and dessert.  This is a very popular activity that promotes faith, fellowship and fun and is also very helpful to many students who live in the dorms or Greek houses that don't provide dinner on Sunday evenings, or are just looking to not have to cook that night.  Brandon Fisher, a freshman in Mechanical Engineering, from Midland, MI shared, "I enjoyed the dollar dinner and the opportunity to spend time with new friends. The food beat the dining halls, no doubt."

Pictured L to R: Grace Volker, Jessica Maly, Rachel Schwindt and Ben Heath

Frank Schmeidler, St. Isidore's Director of Worship for the last 21 years, has been involved in choirs since elementary school.  "When I was in second grade, Sister Barbara started a choir that consisted of 2 students from each grade level (1-6, so there were 12 of us).  As we learned pieces, we sang at Mass - my recollection is Christmas and Easter" he shared.  Under Frank's direction, the choir has had opportunities to travel to Europe to sing, made several CD's and fills the chapel with beautiful sounds of song and praise each weekend.  "I love liturgical music, and feel blest to be able to share that love with the musicians here at St. Isidore's as well as with everyone at Mass.  Music has a way of helping God touch someone's heart, mind, and soul, many times in ways that I will never know," Frank explained.  Amanda Braun, a senior in Secondary Education and Biology from Victoria, KS, has been a member of the choir for five years.  She shared, "Choir is amazing because of the people. Frank leads us with so much talent and passion. Seeing the joy on everyone's face during rehearsal and mass fills me up for the whole week!"
Josie Hays, a senior in Accounting and Finance, from Jetmore, KS, is one of the nearly 100 members of this year's St. Isidore's choir, "I've always connected with my faith through music. I love being a part of a choir that is so much fun and appreciated by everyone who attends St. Isidore's. It's such a great way to get away from school once during the week and an awesome way to participate during Mass!"  This is Josie's third year singing in the St. Isidore's choir.
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