Welcome to St. Isidore's!

I am delighted to welcome you to St Isidore's, The Catholic Student Center at Kansas State University. For some of you this will be your first year at University, for others, it will be your last. But regardless, the time you spend here at your Catholic home, growing in wisdom, building deep and meaningful friendships, and getting to know Jesus Christ more fully, will be the most cherished part of your life.  Here at St Isidore's we recognize that unless one is able to encounter Christ amid the chaos of life one never really learns to live. On the K-State campus and in the classroom you will confront a challenging world. That's why you need to connect with us, get involved, meet new people and make new friends, keeping yourself rooted in a world richer in purpose and meaning.  As you can see from this bulletin, and on our website as well, that there are many opportunities for you to grow in your faith and to mature in your adult life.  I would encourage everyone to get involved, to make St. Isidore’s your home where you can pray, learn, play and discover where God is calling you.  Be assured of my prayers for each one of you and all of us here on staff are eager to see you. 

God bless, fr Mike